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17 July 2008 @ 11:01 pm
Update 09  
Written by Anne:
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We'll Be Together: Chapter 01

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Another boring day at school and because the weather was bright and sunny today, the whole class was waiting for the bell to ring. Their math teacher tried to get everyone’s attention, but failed as usual.
"Camilla, you could at least try to understand...,” Tom sighed. He turned around because Camilla sat behind him.

"Easy for you to say, I bet you’ve already finished this whole paragraph,” Camilla said and pointed at the page of her book.

"I could help you."

"Indeed, so give me your notebook," Camilla leaned forward and grabbed his notebook. Tom didn’t even try to stop her from writing over all the sums.

Harry laughed. "Shall we go swim today or something?"

"Awesome,” Camilla replied.

"Sounds fun,” Mattie nodded who sat next to Camilla. "Ask Johnny and Melissa too.”
Harry wrote down something on a little piece of paper and when their teacher looked away he threw it against Johnny’s head.
He firstly looked annoyed, but when he read the text on the paper he nodded.

*In the classroom next to them*

"A C! I got a C!,” Danny excited jumped around.
For Danny, who usually got F’s for French this was like an A.

"Thanks Vaness!,” he sat down on the empty space beside Vanessa and gave her a quick hug.

"You’re welcome Dan,” she smiled. "See you can do it?”

"Will everybody please sit down at their own seats?,” their teacher asked but of course no one really did what he said.

"Sit down everyone!,” he said a little louder. Everyone now did what he said.

"I wanna do an audial exercise now, cause next week you’ve got an audial test too,” the teacher walked to the radio.

"Sure he isn’t gonna check which cd he plays first?,” Danny mumbled.

"No, he always has the French cd in it, so he just presses play,” Dougie whispered back and as he said it, their teacher just pressed the play button on the radio. The tones of a song of Blink182 filled the classroom. Dougie and Danny laughed the loudest. Other people laughed too. Their teacher quickly put the music off and looked furious.

"Who did this?”

Immediately everyone kept silent but Dougie and Danny were not able to held in their giggles long enough.

"Mr. Poynter and Mr. Jones, meet me after the lesson please.”

He then put the right cd in the radio and went on with the lesson.

"Was it really worth it?,” Layla whispered.

"Yeah,” Dougie smiled.

"Definitely,” Danny added.

Finally the bell rang and Tom, Harry, Camilla and Mattie walked to the door of the classroom next to them. Layla and Vanessa came out, but Danny and Dougie stayed in the classroom.

"What have they done this time?,” Mattie sighed.

"Replaced the cd for our french audio exercises for a cd of Blink182,” Layla answered.

Tom and Harry laughed. Camilla chuckled.

"Well, tell them we’re at the pool,” Harry said.

"Guys! Meet us at the pool!,” Camilla called although Danny and Dougie were listening to a speech of their teacher, but they nodded as a sign they heard her.

Tom put his arm around Layla and looked at the others. "Let’s go then.”

"No, no, no, no, no...!,” Layla, Vanessa,Camilla and Melissa yelled when Tom, Harry and Johnny threatened to push them in the pool.

"Honey, please...,” Layla gave Tom her puppydog eyes. Tom acted like it was working, lifted her up and then jumped with her in the pool.

While the other girls were distracted by that, Harry and Johnny pushed them in the pool and jumped after them.

"Hey look who are there,” Vanessa pointed at Danny and Dougie who walked up to them.

"We have to write an essay,” Dougie said.

"In French,” Danny added.

"To explain why we did this,” Dougie went on.

"All in French,” Danny sighed.

"And to explain why we thought we’d be funny to do this,” Dougie ended.

"All in fucking French,” Danny said.

"Well, I could help you,” Vanessa suggested.

"But for now it’s weekend so no school, jump in guys!,” Camilla smiled. They did and by that, splashed the others.

"So, any plans for the weekend guys?,” Danny asked while they walked back home.

"My parents aren’t home Saturday night,” Mattie cheekily grinned.

"Party!,” the others all replied.
annemcfly on December 19th, 2008 11:26 pm (UTC)
haha, I totally wrote this :P

such a shame this fic kinda died
S.: TV: Gossip Girl: Blarena 2 Fig.surfingthe_sun on December 20th, 2008 02:31 am (UTC)
OMG IKR?! & like I'm trying to figure out to do when there isn't anymore chapters on the boards. Should I stop or continue?